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Top Five Question To Ask An Employment Lawyer Before Hiring

Having a job is the most vital financial security. And if anything bad happens to it then that situation can become extremely taxing and stressful. If you believe that you have been treated unlawfully or unfairly at the workplace, then the first thing you must do is to look for a Studio City employment lawyer. You must know that you have been protected under California and federal law if you have been a victim of harassment or unlawful termination or discrimination at the workplace.

Once you decide to hire a Studio City employment lawyer, you should know that the one whom you will hire will represent you in the court of law and should be liable enough who can settle your case fairly. Therefore, you must know what all questions you should ask before hiring an employment lawyer. But, don’t you worry as here are the top five questions that you can ask that will help you make the right decision.

#1  Do you specifically practice employment law?

You will find lawyers who take up every case that comes to them. But since your issue is only related to your employment, you should find a lawyer who specializes in employment law. The logic is simple if you are having a throat infection you prefer going to an Ear and Throat specialist and not to a heart surgeon. The same logic goes here. A specialized lawyer would know all the employment law in detail and has the experience in understanding and knowing all the nuances of the law.

#2  How are you going to charge?

We all know how expensive the court matter can get with time. Therefore, when you are hiring an employment lawyer, you should ask about the charges that the lawyer is going to take from you. Ask clearly if the lawyer is going to charge you hourly or by a flat fee and how much it is going to be. Make sure to get an itemized receipt of all the charges so that you will know where and how the money is being spent.

#3  How long will my case take?

When you shortlist a few lawyers, you talk to them over a phone call or have a physical one-on-one meeting to make some decisions. During that meeting, you give an outline of your case, and thus, you can ask the lawyer about how much time your case might take. Cases related to employment take months and sometimes years as well and if the allegations are serious then you should know what are going to be the repercussions. And in such a situation, the case might go to trial which means more money to be spent. An experienced employment lawyer should be able to tell you about the estimated time to be taken for your case.

#4  What is going to be the communication process?

Every employment lawyer has a different way of communication. Some will tell you to communicate via email and a line will always be open directly to the lawyer in case of emergencies. Many of the lawyers also charge for the communication that takes place apart from the scheduled ones. Therefore, do ask if your messages, emails, and calls are going to be charged or not. Also, ask about the timings when your lawyer will not be available for communication.

#5  What are the preferred options for my case?

Depending upon the severity of your case, an experienced employment lawyer should be able to tell you about the various options that you might opt for your case. Whether your case should go to trial or just the negotiation will do all the settlement, a lawyer should be able to tell you after analyzing the case. Also, if you feel that your case should go to trial, then talk clearly with the lawyer and know about the implications.

When you are looking for a Studio City employment lawyer, you should be searching for an experienced and qualified lawyer who can represent you efficiently in the case and should be able to tell you all the rights and wrongs of the case. Hiring an attorney might seem easy but look for an attorney whom your can trust and believe.

A Guide to UI Developer Interview Questions

UI developers use interface design skills as well as front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build websites and web applications. To enhance the user experience, they conduct user research and incorporate their findings into their designs. They make sure that the interfaces they design are accessible to all users. Additionally, they integrate the user interface with back-end technology and do usability tests to check everything works as it should.

With a talented UI developer at the helm, you can count on having a functional, interactive, and user-friendly website. It will be an asset in boosting your business.

Finding the right UI developer is the key though. Unless you know how to assess the essential abilities of one, you ought to consider partnering with a creative staffing agency. Their experienced staff knows how to screen candidates for technical skills and reliability. Furthermore, they have a compilation of essential UI developer interview questions that can help them determine if the candidates are the right fit for your organization.

Tips for Selecting UI Developer Candidates

Review Portfolios

When creative staffing agencies look for candidates, they typically review their portfolios first. Candidates with a diverse range of projects that include personal as well as professional works are more likely to pass the initial assessment. Inexperienced candidates with a variety of personal projects may take precedence over experienced developers with only professional work. That is because most employers prefer to see initiative, drive, and self-motivation in their employees. It is more evident in personal projects that the candidates have completed on their own from start to end than in client-directed projects.

Check UI Layouts

When reviewing UI projects, you can get a good idea of the developers’ skills by checking how well their layouts work in multiple browsers. Designing an attractive layout isn’t enough; it must adapt to the browser requirements. Different browsers display different elements by default, and altered user settings can also affect the look of the interface layout. So, check if the UI developer has applied styles to ensure the layout’s adaptability.

Check Usability

Browse through the project to see how navigable it is. Guiding user actions is an essential part of UI development. Check what the UI developer has done in this regard. Have they animated interface elements for the purpose? How do they let the user know that a particular action is happening?

Assess the Developer’s Communication Skills

Since most UI projects are team efforts, you want candidates that can express themselves well and get along with diverse people. Their responses to your interview questions can give you an idea.

UI Developer Interview Questions to Ask All Candidates

  • Why did you decide to become a UI developer? What do you like about this career?
  • In your opinion, what are the essential skills that all UI developers should have?
  • What do you do to keep up with emerging trends in UI? How quickly can you learn new technologies?
  • Can you tell us about the new features of HTML5?
  • Can you explain what Semantic HTML is?
  • Do you know about css and normalize CSS? What is the main difference?
  • Can you tell us about different user interface layout systems?
  • Have you done UI projects as part of a team or on your own? Can you tell us about some of the ones you completed on your own?
  • Have you done UI development for multilingual websites? What did you do differently there from the other websites you have developed?
  • What is User Interface Development? What is User Experience? Explain the difference.
  • How do you decide when to use CSS and JavaScript? Have you used both for interface animation?
  • What steps do you take to ensure that your UI design works in different browsers?
  • What do you know about our organization’s UI development projects? Is there a project that stood out in your view?
  • If you had to redesign one of our projects, how would you go about doing it?
  • If we decide to hire you, what can you bring to the table that will benefit us in the long-term?

These and other UI developer interview questions can help you find the right candidate to steer you to business success.

Recruiting Agencies Help Hiring the Right Talent

An experienced recruiting agency can be your partner in helping you hire the right talent for your company. Whether you are run a big corporation or own a small company; an external recruitment partner can help bridge the gap between candidates and open positions in the most swift and efficient manner.

Of course, not all recruitment agencies offer the same benefits. But if you work with credible and top-rated staffing firms then it can help your company find the right full-time, temporary, or even freelance workers with ease.

The Credibility of Expertise

Top-rated staffing firms are recruitment experts. They help their clients recruit talent on a daily basis. They can even help fill urgent open positions with the right talent without wasting any time. Recruiters not only obtain knowledge about the businesses of their clients but they also keep pace with the career growth of the candidates in their network. They understand a client’s business and its needs in terms of employees. It helps them match the requirement with the right talent without having to go through countless new resumes just to fill one position.

Many recruiters specialize in finding talent in specific categories and employment-types only. For instance, many recruiters focus on finding only marketing, accounting, or digital talent. Some recruiters only help find temporary or freelance talent. Then there are recruitment agencies that offer comprehensive services and offer services for direct-hires, contract-to-hire, full-time digital talent, and freelancers. So, whether you hire top recruiting agencies NYC, LA or any other location, you can expect to find the ideal candidates for any position as per your requirements.

The Value of Experience

The experience of the recruiters in handling recruiting demands of various industries and employment-types can ultimately be helpful for all their clients in the long run. For example, recruiting agencies specializing in finding creative talent can help companies all across the country find the right candidates based on their exact requirements.

Experienced recruiters know where to look when they need to start finding a new talent. They can reach out to their network of candidates even the ones not actively looking for new employment. They can look beyond the usual new applicants who may or may not be a match for the positions advertised on job sites or newspapers. In essence, they can dig deep to find the right candidates for their clients on the strength of their experience.

The Significance of Efficiency

Efficiency in the hiring process matters for organizations as it can save costs accrued during the recruitment process. A lengthy hiring process can end up wasting a lot of organizational time and resources. Hiring of a bad candidate ends up costing companies a significant amount of money if you count the expenses of hiring, training, and any salaries paid. Top recruiters can help companies find the perfect employees in minimum amount of time – resulting in savings of money and resources.

Recruitment agencies get to work immediately when hired to find candidates for any open positions foe their clients. They can woo the right candidates (even those not looking for jobs) through your brand’s message. For examples recruitment agencies in NYC may have a network of talent in another city as well and help their clients find candidates by searching for the right person to fill a particular job.

These recruiters are not bound by geographical locations. Recruiters working with top staffing agencies maintain relationships with candidates across the country and even abroad. They can help companies fill creative roles with candidates willing to work remotely from anywhere in the world. They can even find people willing to relocate to another city given the right job situation. All this is possible only through an efficient system of network consisting of top recruiters and candidates. It is possible by maintaining relationships with talent even after they are placed in a job.

Top recruiters make efforts to become specialists in hiring for different job categories and employment-types to streamline their work for greater efficiency. These efforts manifest as ease in finding the right talent in the most efficient manner.

All You Need to Know About Permanent Staffing Agencies

The ever-changing job market and talent shortages have made recruitment difficult for companies. Today, a large number of companies partner with recruiting agencies when searching for candidates for permanent positions.

If you are planning to work with permanent staffing agencies in your next recruitment drive, it will help if you know how they work to get the best out of your work relationship.

Staffing Agencies Specialize in Industry

Not all staffing agencies are generalist recruiters. Several professional recruiters specialize in recruiting for specific industries like design, development, marketing healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical, electronics and telecommunications and many others.

One of the advantages of working with specialist recruiters is they have a deep knowledge about the industry they recruit in and also know the skill sets required for different job positions in the industry. Their talent pools are more likely to have thousands of candidates with qualifications you are looking for. This means you do not have to spend weeks or months looking for right candidates.

Staffing Agencies Can Connect You with Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are like hidden gems working in other companies. Unlike active candidates, they are not actively searching for a job. They are less likely to know about a job opportunity in your company as they do not visit online job boards. It is very hard for internal recruiters to know passive candidates as they are not connected with such candidates.  On the other hand, permanent staffing agencies have active and passive candidates in their talent pools. Recruiting agencies stay in contact with candidates even after they are placed in a company. These candidates maintain a good relationship with professional recruiters and rely on them for information about new job opportunities that are good for their career growth.

If your hiring manager insists, permanent staffing agencies can connect you with passive candidates and play an important role in convincing them to consider your job offer.

Staffing Agencies Conduct Background and Reference Checks

Recruitment process involves several activities like advertising job positions, screening resumes, shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews, reference checks, and background checks. All these activities are resource intensive and time-consuming as well. If you have limited HR staff, you will extra staff to handle these tasks in order to complete the recruitment procedures on time.

With permanent staffing agencies on your side, they will manage most of the recruitment tasks mentioned above including reference and background tasks. Your organization is also not required to hire temporary staff to manage the workload.

Staffing Agencies Offer Guarantee Periods

Leading professional recruiters provide guarantee periods for every candidate that joins your organization. In case the candidate is not found suitable for the job or leaves before the negotiated period, the agency would provide a replacement candidate free of charge.

Some recruitment agencies also provide a full money back guarantee to their clients. For example, if the candidate leaves your organization within the negotiated period the agency will refund the entire fee amount back to your organization.

What Happens When You Partner with Permanent Staffing Agencies

When you partner with a permanent staffing agency for your next recruitment drive, their hiring manager will meet you or your HR department head to discuss details about the different job positions and the relevant skills desired in the potential candidates.

The agency will give you insights on the job market and provide you important information like salary expectations of top talent, skill gaps, and availability of the candidates for different job profiles. If needed the agency would advise you to make changes in skills requirements that will help attract right candidates.

After the initial round of discussions, the agency would advertise job postings on different communication channels. They will scan the resumes, short-list candidates, conduct initial interviews, conducts skills tests, background and reference checks and send potential candidates for the final round of interviews to your HR department. The recruitment agency would also help your company in onboarding selected candidates.

Now that you know how the permanent staffing agencies work, you can go ahead and contact professional recruiters and seek their help in finding the best talent for your company.

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Creative Staffing: The Digitally Mature Advantage and Top Hiring Practices

Hiring is one of the foremost things in the mind of business manager. After all, what is a business without its employees? When it comes to hiring and retaining creative talent, it still is one of the toughest things for organizations. Fortunately, there are ways to cross this hurdle. All you need to do is understand the role of creative staffing agencies that provide innovative recruiting.

The Digitally Mature Advantage

Changes in technology have affected every aspect of the recruiting funnel- be it sourcing candidates to customizing the offer for the right candidate. Creative staffing agencies are at the forefront of embracing latest recruitment technologies and maximize their potential to reach top talent through different channels.

Hiring has evolved over the time and today it looks very different than what it used to be a decade ago. The process of collecting and analyzing resumes has moved to the digital arena and it provides richer insights of the candidates to the recruiter.

Earlier, it was only the piece of paper known as a resume that gave out information about the candidate. Today, it is possible for creative staffing agencies to collect all online data of the candidate easily including participation in online communities, conferences, meetups and professional associations if any. This allows the creative staffing consultants to determine if the candidate is a perfect fit and has the creative skills demanded by the job.

Introduction to Performance Metrics

The recruitment technology has matured so much that you can define metrics to assess the success of your recruitment activities. There are many metrics to consider when assessing recruitment program.

  • Efficiency – measured by variables like time to fill, hiring process, and recruiter workload.
  • Effectiveness – measured by variables like candidates qualifications, cost per quality candidate, cost per hire, and hiring manager satisfaction.
  • Sourcing and Marketing – measured by variables like career site traffic, candidates sourced from different channels, and promotion on social networks.
  • Business Impact – measured by variables like candidate performance, productivity, and retention.

These core metrics are universal and foundation for assessment of recruitment programs. These metrics are needed for conversation between creative staffing agencies and hiring managers.

Each metric has a number of variations. If you are using the metrics for the first time, you can keep them simple. The only metrics your organization should care about are the ones that hold business value and your stakeholders care about.

The Decisive Role of Analytics in Hiring Practices

The decision-making practices in recruitment are changing with time. In creative staffing agencies Los Angeles, the hiring decisions are no longer based on past practices or intuition but based on data. The challenge of matching hundreds of candidates to different creative job positions is probably the most complex task for creative staffing agencies and also a crucial one.

While we see big data analytics applied to customer data for better business, creative staffing also uses analytics to quickly locate people with right skill sets. These agencies use cloud-based hiring tools to easily and affordably find candidates. The next step is using analytics to evaluate and organize top candidates and then use advanced assessment and filter techniques to get the 360° holistic view of the candidates.

Enhancing Your Employer Brand

Top candidates would evaluate your employer brand before applying or accepting your offer. This makes employer brand extremely important. Potential candidates will be researching about your company as much as your recruiter researches about them. Hence it’s imperative for your organization to develop a strategy to enhance your employer brand.

The professional recruiter can work to create exceptional recruitment experience and align it with your company brand experience. In addition, using detailed job descriptions, online applications, engaging job seekers and helping them proactively determine whether they are culture fit for your organization could enhance your employer brand. The easiest way to build a strong employer brand is adapting and moving to modern recruitment technology faster by partnering with a right creative staffing agency.

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