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Why Take Career Assessment Test

If you are among those facing challenges getting a job or experiencing a new life after your education, you will certainly benefit from career assessments. It is some sort of a self assessment that involves understanding of attributes of different disciplines. You will learn to tackle the major attributes that will take care of your readiness, when it comes to embarking on a career. The job environment is not very conducive right now, however; it does not mean that you must take everything with a grain of salt. You need to discover new ways to uncover different possibilities that you may not have even imagined while making plans.

You need to be a little patient to get your career going. So, a logical question that arises at this point is how career assessments shall help you?

Firstly, certain domains of the inner self shall be addressed by a career adviser or a counselor. The facets that would be included are your preferences, skills, personality etc. It will involve a combination of your personal aspects together with educational instruction that will help you derive the most practical options in your career.

A career assessment test is also called a career discovery test or a career aptitude test that helps to measure skills, goals, interests and personality in different fields.

You can utilize quite a number of criteria in this field. The first includes the methodology used. Some of the career assessment methods are quantitative in nature and only few include qualitative measures. A perfect combination of these measures shall help the counselor offer the best sounding jobs in the near future.

The measured attributes are the second criteria. Some assessments focus on skills, while others focus on personality. Again, some focus on aptitude. You must follow a rigorous method to assess the different dimensions.

You must check validity of the career assessment you choose. You will come across plenty of popular tests online, which could be nothing but just snippets of the actual thing. You must be aware of the validity and look into the scientific journals regarding the assessments. You can also have a counselor to administer the career assessment.

Some educational tools used in educational institutes help students understand their preferred way of taking information, working styles, decision making ability and their way of communicating. Strong Interest Inventory is ideal for those entering a college or in their freshman years, still undecided about their future.

The career assessment tools can be a great option for those discovering and understanding how you work and how you wish to build your careers. Certain uncertainties in life definitely add a lot more color to the entire process of seeking employment and the interesting passions in the long run.

You must answer the questions in a career assessment test honestly, or else you won’t find the results helpful. So, make sure to research for career assessment tests well and look for the one that fits you the best.

Tips to Opt for a Career Change

Career change advice becomes extremely essential particularly when you are looking for a job change. Think what you should do, when you have suddenly lost your job.

You are worried about how to buy groceries, pay your bills etc. You need to maintain your cool and keep in mind the fact that you are not the only one effected by the poor job market and certainly not the only one who is reeling under the constant fears of losing a job. You need to keep in mind certain pointers while considering a career change. Here we shall discuss the important aspects to make it easier for you to opt for a change:

Career Change Advise for the College Graduates:

So far you were a student. You entered a new college after passing out from the high school. Now that you have graduated, you are moving into the so called “real world” and opting for a job.

So, what can you do till the time you find a job for yourself? To put it simply, you will be searching for job openings and apply for positions that suit your criteria.

You might be holding a degree, but in this competitive world, there are many others holding a degree like you and looking for a job. You must be completely on your game since there are not many job openings.

Adopt new skills. When opting for a career change, look out for the positions you may apply. Look for part time options to cover your expenses in case you are not able to find a new position.

Career Change Advise for the Seasoned Professionals:

You may opt for a career change even in case you are not a college graduate. Since there are few and far between, you need to be realistic when looking for a career change. You must continue working unless you have devised a new game plan.

Sometimes, you might have to take up further studies, based on how drastic changes you expect. Someone in the IT field for instance decides to go to the field of Digital Marketing won’t need a marketing degree, but would require to develop the right training to adopt the Internet marketing skills.

You must explore the different career options before switching to a new field. Consider how long the transition would take and what you can do before making the switch.

Do not put much emphasis on job titles. Practically speaking, there are thousands of jobs out there in the market that you will never be able to identify under your own stream. Make sure to focus on the key themes, rather than the job titles that are more important. Think of the aspects that your so called “dream job” must have.

Think of what you would do if given a chance to rewind your life and re run it. If it was possible for you to dump all the rules and you could live a life without the baggage, where you would have reached by now. This whole process of reinventing yourself will help you choose the right career path.

Making the Hiring Process Quick and Effective

What does an Executive Recruiter Do?

An executive recruiter is tasked with the job of hunting down valuable executive level assets. These are people with high-level experience in a variety of industries, from finance to construction. It’s the recruiter’s job to get these people to sign on with an executive recruiting agency, who can offer them the opportunity to land a fantastic job, without having to look for one.

What do they look for?

Executive recruiters look for all the things you might expect, such as education, work experience and qualifications, but that’s not all. They look at people’s extracurricular life as well. What their interests are, where they volunteer and how many companies they have worked at (and for how long). By doing this they can provide those looking to hire executives with a vast array of candidates. Each company has its own set of values, and a certain attitude about it. It is important to have people of all walks of life available to fill these executive positions – not just a handful of ‘Type A’ personalities. Everyone knows that executive level business is not a one-size fits all environment.

How does this help your business?

As a company who invests in an executive recruiting firm, you want to know that you have access to a broad range of individuals. Hiring for an executive level position is a great opportunity to diversify your company, either by injecting some youth into it, choosing someone with an atypical work experience, or perhaps by filling the position with someone known for thinking outside of the box. You need a leader that can also follow instructions. Someone who can work with a team but be loved by the team too.

The Executive Recruiter does the leg work

Hiring is a big pain – for everyone! But executive recruiters specialize in this – in fact, its their whole life. As a business owner, or a CEO, you don’t have time to be sifting through resumes, or to have your secretary spend days on end doing so either. You also don’t have the luxury of leaving an executive position unfilled for lengthy periods of time. Executive recruiters worry about this so you don’t have to. They hunt down the appropriate candidates, if they don’t have anyone suitable already recruited, and then they compile a list of appropriate candidates for you to review immediately.

Immediate results

Soon after you request an executive position to be filled, you will be set up to interview a group of highly qualified individuals, all of which have been selected for your company by an executive recruiter based on a series of variables. This is to ensure they will be a great fit, not just in their experience or success rates, but as a person.

Don’t waste your time posting jobs and reading resumes. There is no time for that when it comes to big business and the important positions that must be filled. Invest in an executive recruiting firm and see how an experiences executive recruiter can change the way you find new employees.