Top Five Question To Ask An Employment Lawyer Before Hiring

Having a job is the most vital financial security. And if anything bad happens to it then that situation can become extremely taxing and stressful. If you believe that you have been treated unlawfully or unfairly at the workplace, then the first thing you must do is to look for a Studio City employment lawyer. You must know that you have been protected under California and federal law if you have been a victim of harassment or unlawful termination or discrimination at the workplace.

Once you decide to hire a Studio City employment lawyer, you should know that the one whom you will hire will represent you in the court of law and should be liable enough who can settle your case fairly. Therefore, you must know what all questions you should ask before hiring an employment lawyer. But, don’t you worry as here are the top five questions that you can ask that will help you make the right decision.

#1  Do you specifically practice employment law?

You will find lawyers who take up every case that comes to them. But since your issue is only related to your employment, you should find a lawyer who specializes in employment law. The logic is simple if you are having a throat infection you prefer going to an Ear and Throat specialist and not to a heart surgeon. The same logic goes here. A specialized lawyer would know all the employment law in detail and has the experience in understanding and knowing all the nuances of the law.

#2  How are you going to charge?

We all know how expensive the court matter can get with time. Therefore, when you are hiring an employment lawyer, you should ask about the charges that the lawyer is going to take from you. Ask clearly if the lawyer is going to charge you hourly or by a flat fee and how much it is going to be. Make sure to get an itemized receipt of all the charges so that you will know where and how the money is being spent.

#3  How long will my case take?

When you shortlist a few lawyers, you talk to them over a phone call or have a physical one-on-one meeting to make some decisions. During that meeting, you give an outline of your case, and thus, you can ask the lawyer about how much time your case might take. Cases related to employment take months and sometimes years as well and if the allegations are serious then you should know what are going to be the repercussions. And in such a situation, the case might go to trial which means more money to be spent. An experienced employment lawyer should be able to tell you about the estimated time to be taken for your case.

#4  What is going to be the communication process?

Every employment lawyer has a different way of communication. Some will tell you to communicate via email and a line will always be open directly to the lawyer in case of emergencies. Many of the lawyers also charge for the communication that takes place apart from the scheduled ones. Therefore, do ask if your messages, emails, and calls are going to be charged or not. Also, ask about the timings when your lawyer will not be available for communication.

#5  What are the preferred options for my case?

Depending upon the severity of your case, an experienced employment lawyer should be able to tell you about the various options that you might opt for your case. Whether your case should go to trial or just the negotiation will do all the settlement, a lawyer should be able to tell you after analyzing the case. Also, if you feel that your case should go to trial, then talk clearly with the lawyer and know about the implications.

When you are looking for a Studio City employment lawyer, you should be searching for an experienced and qualified lawyer who can represent you efficiently in the case and should be able to tell you all the rights and wrongs of the case. Hiring an attorney might seem easy but look for an attorney whom your can trust and believe.

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