Wage and Hour in the Time of COVID-19

Pandemic has given us a reality check that nothing in this life is permanent. When COVID-19 hit in 2020, the whole world went into lockdown for months which resulted in the jolting of the global economy. With employees losing their jobs, pay-cuts, businesses shutting down, we all have seen worse in the past year. Right from employers making changes in their work routines and workforce and following the government guidelines, the majority of the employees are bound to working from home. In this case, the wage and hour issues have risen and if you feel that you are suffering as you are not paid for what you are doing, you must consult a wage and hour attorney Los Angeles.

While these changes are coming into the picture rapidly, being an employee, you must know about the possible wage and hour problems that are going to happen under the federal and state Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Along with this, the employers should also make all the necessary changes in the wage and hour systems in compliance with the FLSA and prioritize it as this situation is going to be permanent for quite some time.

Fixed work-from-home hours

Since every employee started working from home since March, for those who never worked from home earlier, this is a new phase and confusing at the same time. But being an employee of a company, you must know that even though you are working from home, you have a fixed work schedule. If your employer or supervisor contacts you in any form, be it emails, text or call after your work hours, you are eligible to get paid for those hours as well and if your employer refuses to pay for overtime, you can file a claim with the help of wage and hour attorney in Los Angeles.

The employers must make it clear with the employees regarding their working hours, especially when it comes to the nonexempt employees. Being a work-from-home employee, you should know how you are expected to work, how you should record timekeeping, and what channels should be used to communicate with the fellow-employees, managers, etc.

Even though you are working remotely, the breaks to have your meals and rest remains the same. If your employer or manager tries to make you work during your lunch hours, then you can file for a wage and hour claim.

Salary shouldn’t change

You work to earn money and you are worried about your future as you have tons of responsibilities on your shoulders. And especially in times of pandemic where layoffs have become a daily business for the employers, you are satisfied with the fact that you have a job, no matter what you are getting paid. But the flip side is that you should be getting the compensation that complies with the federal and state laws.

As per federal law, you should not be paid less than 684 per week. And in the city of Angeles, then the minimum wage is $7.25 hourly. If you are working in a company that has 25 or fewer employees, then you must be paid $12 hourly and if the company has 26 or more employees then you must receive a compensation of a minimum of $13 per hour. It does not matter then whether you are working from home or office. You have the right to have a fair compensation that is governed by law.

There are going to be a lot of challenges in the coming days and the businesses will be getting impacted by the pandemic as it is going to stay with for a long time. But you, being an employee must know that your employer cannot refuse to pay or cut back on your minimum wages as that would be completely against the state and federal FLSA. Without keeping any fear in mind, make sure that you are consulting an experienced wage and hour attorney if your employer has violated any of the wage and hour laws. An attorney will explain the current COVID-19 situation to you in regard to the wage and hour situation and will be able to help you with the case.

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