Creative Staffing: The Digitally Mature Advantage and Top Hiring Practices

Hiring is one of the foremost things in the mind of business manager. After all, what is a business without its employees? When it comes to hiring and retaining creative talent, it still is one of the toughest things for organizations. Fortunately, there are ways to cross this hurdle. All you need to do is understand the role of creative staffing agencies that provide innovative recruiting.

The Digitally Mature Advantage

Changes in technology have affected every aspect of the recruiting funnel- be it sourcing candidates to customizing the offer for the right candidate. Creative staffing agencies are at the forefront of embracing latest recruitment technologies and maximize their potential to reach top talent through different channels.

Hiring has evolved over the time and today it looks very different than what it used to be a decade ago. The process of collecting and analyzing resumes has moved to the digital arena and it provides richer insights of the candidates to the recruiter.

Earlier, it was only the piece of paper known as a resume that gave out information about the candidate. Today, it is possible for creative staffing agencies to collect all online data of the candidate easily including participation in online communities, conferences, meetups and professional associations if any. This allows the creative staffing consultants to determine if the candidate is a perfect fit and has the creative skills demanded by the job.

Introduction to Performance Metrics

The recruitment technology has matured so much that you can define metrics to assess the success of your recruitment activities. There are many metrics to consider when assessing recruitment program.

  • Efficiency – measured by variables like time to fill, hiring process, and recruiter workload.
  • Effectiveness – measured by variables like candidates qualifications, cost per quality candidate, cost per hire, and hiring manager satisfaction.
  • Sourcing and Marketing – measured by variables like career site traffic, candidates sourced from different channels, and promotion on social networks.
  • Business Impact – measured by variables like candidate performance, productivity, and retention.

These core metrics are universal and foundation for assessment of recruitment programs. These metrics are needed for conversation between creative staffing agencies and hiring managers.

Each metric has a number of variations. If you are using the metrics for the first time, you can keep them simple. The only metrics your organization should care about are the ones that hold business value and your stakeholders care about.

The Decisive Role of Analytics in Hiring Practices

The decision-making practices in recruitment are changing with time. In creative staffing agencies Los Angeles, the hiring decisions are no longer based on past practices or intuition but based on data. The challenge of matching hundreds of candidates to different creative job positions is probably the most complex task for creative staffing agencies and also a crucial one.

While we see big data analytics applied to customer data for better business, creative staffing also uses analytics to quickly locate people with right skill sets. These agencies use cloud-based hiring tools to easily and affordably find candidates. The next step is using analytics to evaluate and organize top candidates and then use advanced assessment and filter techniques to get the 360° holistic view of the candidates.

Enhancing Your Employer Brand

Top candidates would evaluate your employer brand before applying or accepting your offer. This makes employer brand extremely important. Potential candidates will be researching about your company as much as your recruiter researches about them. Hence it’s imperative for your organization to develop a strategy to enhance your employer brand.

The professional recruiter can work to create exceptional recruitment experience and align it with your company brand experience. In addition, using detailed job descriptions, online applications, engaging job seekers and helping them proactively determine whether they are culture fit for your organization could enhance your employer brand. The easiest way to build a strong employer brand is adapting and moving to modern recruitment technology faster by partnering with a right creative staffing agency.

Do you agree creative staffing has the technological edge in recruitment?

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